Meet the Team

Every member of our team is an experienced Web Developer, but we also have other unique talents that allow us to create the perfect Web Development Team

McKinnin Lloyd

– Full Stack Developer –

A true master of Web Development, McKinnin is our Full Stack Developer, meaning he handles just about anything and everything the team can’t figure out.

Justin Holsclaw

– Sales/Marketing –

Justin is a salesman only because he’s NOT a salesman. With a huge heart to match his huge laugh, Justin makes every contract negotiation a party.

Matthew Rigoli

– Project Management/IT –

A love of both technology and organization has combined to create Matt: A computer specialist who is detail oriented enough to drive anyone crazy.

Jay Shock

– Designer –

Over 10 years of design experience means Jay is the designer you can trust. With Jay designing your website, you are in good hands.

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